AIRBEAM is an Integrated Project, answering to the topic SEC 2010.4.2.3 “Information acquisition using dedicated platforms, including UAV, aerostatic platforms (balloons) and satellites” proposed in the framework of FP7 Security Call 3. The major AIRBEAM objective is to propose a situation awareness toolbox for the management of crisis over wide area taking benefit of an optimised set of aerial (unmanned) platforms, including satellites.

With an approach based on a multiplatform system for situation awareness and through an effective collaboration between industrial partners, research organisations, stakeholders and end users, AIRBEAM intends to:

• Provide and demonstrate value to end users involved in crisis management.

• Provide an integration framework serving security applications to the multiple related initiatives.

• Develop the technological bricks and standards allowing for the rapid take up of this multiplatform approach by Member States.


In addition, it has the ambition to assist the emergence of the civilian UAV market by leveraging the market associated to security applications and convince regulatory stakeholders of the maturity of this market and the urgency to deliver a regulatory framework for UAV insertion.

AIRBEAM will define system requirements, design and optimise dedicated architectures aiming at presenting the relevant information to users, based on various available assets (sensors, platforms and communication systems).

Scenarios related to law enforcement management of emergencies will be defined. Concept of use will be derived based on end-users needs, regulatory constraints and platforms technical capabilities.

In order to achieve the project goals, the work has been divided in 7 Work Packages:

WP1 : Concept of use

WP2 : Sensor and on-board processing

WP3 : System architecture and communication

WP4 : Situation awareness

WP5 : Integration and evaluation

WP6 : Exploitation and dissemination

WP7 : Project Management